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True Invoicing

True INVOICE Software is design for the users to use a hassle free software which is easy to use and fulfill only invoice system and delivery chalan

Index Features
  • Company logo
  • General Company Information
  • Customer Listing


Input Features

  • Sale Invoice
  • Sale Tax Invoice
  • Delivery Challan


Reporting Features

  • Sale Invoice
  • Sale Tax Invoice
  • Delivery Challan


User’s Setting

  • Tax Setting
  • SMTP Setting
  • Print Setting
Other Features
  • Back-up & Restore
  • Export Report to Excel, PDF, Doc & Text
  • Email Invoice
  • Delivery Challan Convert to Sale invoice


Software Tools

  • Frame Work 2.0
  • MS SQL Server 2000
  • Crystal Report 9
  • Language Vb.net


Terms and Conditions

  • Software Cost Per computer 5000/=
  • 2 Days Office Tuition 1000/= (Maximum 6 Hours Tuition)
  • After this Per Visit Charges 500/=
  • Any Change in future will be charged and Terms and Conditions also changed.


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